Why I hired 2 videographers in the short span of 12 months?

In the first 6 years of my entrepreneurial journey I documented almost everything on my phone. One of the mottos I lived by was,

“ If I’m on the road to a Billion I need to document Everything ! “

Recently, about a year ago, my inbox on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter escalated to over 100 New messages a day. The engagement on my social media went through the roof, my Instagram stories had 5000+ views per story. I realized it’s time !

When it comes to developing a brand people “ think “ the brand comes first, then you gain credibility, people start to follow you, and now you can start working your ass off and reaping the rewards. That’s the amateur mindset !

I realized from Day 1, this was going to be a journey and one of the Greatest stories ever told. I worked my ass off ! Studied some of the greatest minds out there, spent hours watching YouTube videos, read books, listened to podcasts and immediately executed.

Taking the #RetireWithSashin and Millionaire $tudent brand to the next level and becoming a household name came from me working my ass off, late nights, early mornings, 2:00 am webinars and conference calls, 5:00 am flights, 25 hour flights two to three times a month, skipping meals, hardly ever seeing my family and a lot of Adversity and Plateaus, and testing phases In my career.

I was and still am the Youngest in the world to do it in our company. And there’s no way I’m a one-hit wonder or a cheerleader!

Anyone that works for me from my personal assistants to my videographers. I keep reminding them, working for me will NEVER make you Rich, it will only put food on your table and give you a comfortable life. But working around me, you are guaranteed to be a different person inside out one year from today. You won’t talk, think or act the same. You’ll be introduced to people who will force you to step up and opportunities will arise, if you stick with me and you’re loyal you’ll be wealthier than a Millionaire who just has money and no time or life experiences. Both my videographers stay at the same hotels I stay at, eat at the same restaurants I eat at and fly in the same plane I fly in. I treat them like bosses because if they mess up they going back to where I first hired them, loyalty is Everything to me. If you go out of your way to produce, I’ll go out of my way to take care of you and your future generations.

The ultimate aim is to open up my own media company, have a ton of people working for me, editing my content and making sure we give the followers what they want daily. FREE content and a mentor they have access to 24/7/365.

I already have my own social media company which is undoubtedly the best in the game,

Social Media Marketing RWS

1) I initially hired Kyle who has become my brother. Kyle makes me look good on all those images, YouTube videos and 15 Second Instagram videos. He understands me, he understands what the viewers need and he has a vision for the brand. I knew Kyle for 2 years before I hired him, he saw something in my brand before I did.

Meet Kyle behind the camera –

2) Tyler known as “ The Kid “ reached out to me on Instagram wanting to work for me for free, travel the world, be around me and just pick my brain. No one works for me for free ! They all walk out with way more knowledge, confidence, desire and an untouchable work ethic. Ironically the day that Tyler reached out to me, I had 10 other media companies reach out to me. I ignored all of them and the universe told me to respond to Tyler. Faith? Let’s see.

My response to Tyler at 3:27 PM on a Thursday in a voice note was,

“ You have 24 Hours. Go to my YouTube, use all the content and come up with a video. If it’s good enough I’ll fly you to Cape Town, South Africa to meet me on tour. “

I must say “ The Kid “ impressed me. He came up with something exactly 24 hours later on Friday at 3:27 PM. Punctual ! Although on time is still late for me. He wasn’t the greatest, but he had talent and desire. Those two characteristics is all I need to work with someone.

Tyler is the guy behind all my 60 Second Instagram & Facebook videos. I have a lot of mentoring and coaching to do with him, but if he sticks with me his life will Never be the same!

Meet Tyler “ The Kid “ –

Make sure we constantly connected on all social media platforms,



  • candano kinyera eric
    Posted September 3, 2018 9:02 am 0Likes

    you are the best sashin

  • Marion Eduruma
    Posted September 6, 2018 8:30 pm 0Likes

    Amazing that you are using what you have learnt to make wise decisions and going with your gut instinct!!

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