How a thought became a reality and we fed 1000 underprivileged people in less than 3 hours.

Although I feed thousands of underprivileged children annually, fund schools and give back a portion of my income to non-profit organizations, I’ve never publicized it on social media or “bragged” about it for any sort of credit.

Recently, I was in Durban, South Africa on “ The IMPACT100K Tour“. I woke up one morning with gratitude and decided within the next 24 hours we WILL feed 1000+ people. On the way to my first Sold Out event in Pietermaritzburg the team and I made a few calls to bakery’s and specifically to bread suppliers who could possibly help us with such an order. No one could pull off a big order of 1000 loafs of bread overnight. I was set back, I was upset, I felt I let people down.

However, I did not give up! Being the persistent person I am, we made the next call and following call until someone gave us their word that it could be done and we would have the bread loafs by 10AM the next day. Finally, we had found a supplier who could pull off our request.

1000 loafs of bread was delivered to us by KwikSpar Mount Edgecombe as promised.

We jumped into a few cars and stopped at some of the poorest communities in Phoenix, Durban and the team and I handed it out to anyone and everyone we could see.

It’s always a fulfilling feeling that you can put a smile on someone’s face, especially a strangers. I watched children cry because they couldn’t get two loafs of bread, I watched families run to get a loaf as if they didn’t know when or where their next meal was going to come from.

During that day I created a challenge called

“ The Bless It Forward Challenge “ where I called out a few of my Million Dollar business partners and mentors, and over 2 Million entrepreneurs in one of the largest Lifestyle & Travel Clubs in the world, WorldVentures.

We created a frenzy of people giving back, Making A Living, GIVING!

Remember, the MORE you have, the MORE you shall give and the MORE you give, the MORE you’ll receive.

I’m challenging ALL Business Owners, Influencers, Network Marketers and people who have the heart to serve. Partner up with me with the #BlessItForward Challenge, let’s change the world!

Click HERE to watch a summary of our experience on youtube.

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